How to start preparing for NEET-UG?

Medical Council of India (MCI) has confirmed to hold National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for undergraduate medical and dentistry courses across India (NEET-UG) starting 2012. The first ever NEET-UG will be held on 13th May, 2012 and the final syllabus for the same has been provided [See this].

There is a general resistance from many states for conducting this test on such a short notice and many state governments have requested to hold this test from 2013 onwards. In addition to this, MCI has also declared that NEET-UG will be conducted only in English and Hindi. States like Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh have come back strongly that they want it to be conducted in their local languages. But MCI has clearly stated that holding the test in state’s local languages is not a feasible option.

This entire episode has raised anxiety among the students and their parents, we at have been flooded with various questions. And it’s our sincere effort to advise how we feel about NEET-UG in general for the aspirants.

Having a single test for admission is definitely a great advantage for aspirants as it will remove the burden of taking multiple tests. As per our expert panel every student, to get into medical courses, used to take on an average 3-4 entrance test (state and national level). So, now students will have to worry about just a single syllabus, single date, single venue and a single result. All this will reduce pressure on the students and of course their worried parents.

One thing we think is that as it is a single exam, it should be conducted more than once a year, so that students who are not able to score well due to any reason like their health, family matters or bad luck on the very day can get another chance to improve their score. But unfortunately there is no such consideration for this by MCI at present. So for students, NEET-UG in 2012 has a lot on stake.

With regards to the 2012 exam, which is in 6 months time, the most important question is whether students will be able to prepare in such a short time? We feel that not every student will attempt NEET-UG. Only those focused and with vision, as far as their future career is concerned, will try to get themselves prepared to answer entrance tests such as this. Since NEET-UG is announced all of a sudden, undoubtedly, it has psychologically disturbed the aspirants, a fact that might affect their exam performance. MCI should have issued such a notification well in advance, in order to provide enough time to the students for preparation. But that is not an end to this world, 6 month is a good amount of time to prepare, the only thing is with no further delay students should get off the mark.

Our survey shows that majority of the students think that MCI has normalised the NEET-UG syllabus very well with state syllabus. Yet it cannot be perfect so, it is very important for students to carefully go through the syllabus provided by MCI and compare the difference with their state syllabus. If it has extra portion, plan to pick those topics first and study the basics from NCERT/CBSE books. It should not take more than couple of months to build basic knowledge and then you can start practicing questions.  You can find many previous year questions and solved papers of exams conducted by MCI/ CBSE like AIPMT etc.

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