IIM Indore IPM- Aptitude Test Guidelines and Model paper

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IIM Indore – Five-year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)

 Aptitude Test- Model Paper

 General Information and Instructions:

Test duration : 90 Minutes
Test type : Paper and pencil (OMR based) objective type
Test Date : September 25, 2011
Test Venues : Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata and Mumbai.
Test level : Secondary/X Std/Equivalent
Test Coverage (topics): Analytical ability, written and Verbal Ability and general awareness.

Note: Calculators, mobile phones and similar gadgets that facilitate in the examination are not allowed. Candidates shortlisted for AT are required to report at the examination venue 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the test. Examination schedule will be communicated to the candidates later.

A Brief note about Aptitude Test

The proposed aptitude test will be based the topics listed but not limited to the following [Click individual items to view details]

Section 1: Analytical Ability: Algebra, Arithmetic, Data Analysis, Geometry, Logical Reasoning, Modern Mathematics

Section 2: Written and Verbal Ability: Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Errors in Usage etc

Section 3: General Awareness: Political, Economical, Scientific, Sports and Games, Business and Society and History and Civilisation etc


IPM- AT Guidelines and Model paper 2

IIM Indore – Five-Year Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)

 Aptitude Test- Model Paper

 Section 1:

1. What is the value of “y” in the following system of equations?

x + y + z = 75 ; -2x + y – z = -15

a. 0

b. 5

c. 15

d. 60


2. An automobile car manufacturer manufacturing five models for five different markets in three colours, how many different options of cars does the company manufactures?

a. 15

b. 25

c. 50

d. 75


3. Sum of 4 consecutive numbers is 106. What is the smallest number among these four numbers?

a. 25

b. 15

c. 18

d. 28


IPM- AT Guidelines and Model paper 3

4.  What is the value of 1010*10-8 10-2?

a. 0

b. 100

c. 1000

d. 1


5. Two countries had the same per capita income in the year 2000. One country grew at compound annual average growth rate of 10% while the other grew at 5%. The difference in their income in 2010 was Rs 671. Given this information, which of the following statements is true?

a. Per capita income 2000 was Rs 1000 for both

b. Per capita income of the faster growing country in 2010 is Rs 898

c. Per capita income 2000 of the slower growing country in 2010 is Rs 1569

d. Per capita income 2000 was Rs 500 for both


Section 2:

6. The English are not very ………………… people, so they invented cricket to give them some idea of …………………

a. Inspired/Action

b. Active / excitement

c. Friendly/fun

d. Spiritual/eternity


IPM- AT Guidelines and Model paper 4

7. Directions for question 7: Sentences given below form a coherent paragraph, when properly sequenced. Each sentence is labelled with a number. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the four given choices to construct a coherent paragraph.

1. Because negotiations had been delayed until the last moment, he was at a tremendous disadvantage.

2. Only then did the truth dawn on him.

3. He broke off talks and returned home.

4. My friend was under intense pressure to make concessions.

a. 4213 b. 1324 c. 1234 d. 4231


8. Directions for question 8: Following shows four different ways of presenting an idea are given. Choose the one that most closely to Standard English usage.

1. The running of large business consists of getting somebody to make something that somebody else sold to somebody else for more than its cost

2. The running of large business consists of getting somebody to make something that somebody else will sell to somebody else for more than its costs.

3. The running of a large business consists of getting somebody to sell something that somebody else made for more than it cost.

4. The running of large business consists of getting somebody to make something else that somebody else will sell to somebody for than it costs.

a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d.4


IPM- AT Guidelines and Model paper 5

Directions for question 9 and 10: Choose the best option for question 9 and 10 based on the following passage.

I agree in part with many of these arguments, and at one time even endorsed them.

But now, I believe differently. ……………………………………………………

………………………….. As a result, his pieces did end up looking like a scrabble board.


A cycle of abstract and representational art began with the first scratching of prehistoric man. From the abstractions of ancient Egypt to representational, classical Rome, returning to abstractionism in early Christian art and so on……………………….. …………………………….. …………………………..



Some artists today believe that once they have planned and constructed a piece in their mind there is no sense in finishing it with their hands; it has already been done and can never be duplicated.


9. The author argues that many people look down upon abstract art because they feel that

a. Modern abstract art does not portray what is ideal and real

b. Abstract artists are unskilled in matters of drafting

c. Abstractionists compose irrationally

d. Artists are not engulfed in brightly coloured canvases


IPM- AT Guidelines and Model paper 6

10. The main difference between the abstract artist and representational artist is in matters of the “ideal” and the “real” according to the author, is

a. How each chooses to deal with “reality” on his or her canvas

b. The superiority of interpretation of reality over reproduction of reality

c. The different values attached by each to being a historian.

d. The varying levels of drafting skills and logical thinking abilities.


Section 3:

11. How many states are there in India?

a. 27

b. 28

c. 29

d. 30


12. Who is the head of a state in India political/governance system?

a. Chief Minister

b. Home Minister

c. Governor

d. President


13. Saina Nehwal is a professional player of

a. Lawn-Tennis

b. Badminton

c. Table-Tennis

d. Chess


IPM- AT Guidelines and Model paper 7

14. Shir. Hamid Ansari became the Vice-President of India succeeding

a. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

b. Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma

c. Shri Krishan Kant

d. Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat


15. The Ottoman Empire was based in

a. China

b. Spain

c. Persia

d. Turkey


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