IIM Indore, IPM: What’s in it for you?

IIM Indore, IPM: What’s in it for you?

IIM Indore has started an integrated programme (IPM) to deliver combined BBA and MBA course for students right after completing their school (class XII). IITs have successfully embraced such dual degree programme from the western world wherein they offer B.Tech/ M.Tech or B.Tech/ MBA integrated degree. The idea of the programme is to deliver a multidisciplinary background during first three years and then provide a firm grounding in management practices.

As per the institute this programme will have close to 40% of its courses from wide ranging subjects such as literature, political science, history, biological science etc and soft skills like leadership and personality developments, team work and communication. The design of programme is such that students get contextual understanding of management studies along with superior soft skills. 50% of the course is designed to teach core management practices like marketing, accounting, operations etc and rest 10% for international exposure and internship in social organisation.

IIM has decided that students will have to complete five years after school to receive a diploma in management. This means that students will not have an undergraduate degree which might impact other career options.

Questions to ask here is will this programme really deliver managers who can compete with their counterpart from normal streams (like PGP) who have undergraduate degrees in fundamental subject (like engineering) and working knowledge in complex business scenarios (students who join MBA programme with experience)?

** Important Notice: IIM Indore has released more information on the Aptitude Test for this programme, read more at http://www.gradebook.in/2011/07/28/iim-indore-ipm-aptitude-test-guidelines-and-model-paper/
Also, you can see the topic in our forum – many questions are already answered by the community at http://forum.gradebook.in/topic/iim-indore-ipgp-5-year-integrated-postgraduate-programme-in-management-2011-16. Register and ask your queries for quickest response and latest updates.

Since the announcement of this programme we have been flooded with questions from aspirants and one of the most common questions is – will this be a good programme to opt for? We advise all aspirants to weigh their career option very well and see the suitability of this programme. If you aspire to join a premium B-School right after your undergraduate degree then this may be a good choice. Remember many graduates from very reputed institutes and courses (like engineering from IIT) join immediately an IIM MBA – without any experience. This is purely because IIMs have a great reputation in academic and business world with excellent faculty and programme structure. IIM Indore in particular is known to produce high calibre management graduates and is ranked in top 10 MBA institutes in India (http://www.gradebook.in/2011/06/05/indian-b-school-ranking/).

In addition to this, IIM Indore has a very good placement service – so career wise you can expect to secure at least a good job by the end of this programme. For more information on IIM Indore’s 2011 placement report see this link http://www.iimidr.ac.in/iimi/media/pdf/2011%20PlacementReport.pdf

However, it’s going to be an expensive course as IIM Indore has indicated that for first three years students will have to pay 3 lac per annum and then 5 lac for last two. Also, that the admissions will be confirmed only after mid-October – this means that students will have to hold up there other options as a fall back. Note that undergraduate admission confirmation in other institutes will require students to pay admission fee and wait for IPM admission confirmation.

We do not intend to make a decision on your behalf but trying to equip you with enough information so that you can take an informed decision. So we advise that aspirants considering the IPM should carefully weigh the course against the alternatives of first studying fundamental subjects like engineering, science, arts, commerce etc followed by work experience before joining B-School. As stated earlier if you aspire to join a premium B-School right after your undergraduate degree then this may be a good choice.


We wish you all the best in your academic journey and career ahead!

Gradebook.in Team

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